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  • Should a man wear a wedding ring?

    It may not be something you and your fiancé have considered, but a wedding ring for a man is a mystery we are going to explore. Why do some men not wear a wedding ring?

    It was only recently that men started wearing wedding rings. Women have been wearing weddings rings for centuries but men have not. The ring symbolises everlasting love which can be traced for thousands of years, but not for the men!

    It was during the Second World War that the men’s wedding ring became more popular. It became custom for those US soldiers going to war to publicise their wedding status, and this was through the wedding ring. These soldiers were very happy to declare their love for their wives who they were leaving behind and was an expression of their commitment. Since then a man’s wedding ring has stuck.

    In today’s society it would be unusual if a man was not to wear a wedding ring, as we have adapted to it so much. Although some still feel they should not wear one.

    There are a few things to consider. Firstly, it displays their marital status for everyone to see. Secondly it is not common for men to wear jewellery and they may not feel comfortable wearing it. Some men have never worn jewellery before and this is something completely new to them.

    As silly as it might sound, those men that have never wore jewellery and have to contemplate with the idea of permanently wearing a piece will be thinking “Is it heavy?” “Does it rub?” This is becoming less of an issue as the man’s wedding ring is becoming more common.

    It is worth considering the culture of the groom. In some cultures the idea of a man wearing a wedding ring would never be considered due to religion.
    There are also the practicalities. If a man works in trade as a builder, wearing a wedding ring is not practical. Not only can it get damaged but for health and safety reasons jewellery has to be removed.

    Wearing the wedding ring is just one choice a man has to make when getting married in order to make his commitment to his future wife.
    What ring should it be put on?

    It is tradition that the man wears the ring on the same finger as the bride. The ring finger is fourth finger on the left hand, meant to be the finger that is closest to your heart. The reasoning behind this came from the Greeks who thought that the artery in this finger ran straight through to your heart.

    Ok so you have both decided you will wear wedding rings. The choices are now endless. Do you have matching rings in the same metal? Do you have them engraved? What style?

    Many couples have matching rings but still look different. In other words the man’s wedding ring is usually wider than the woman’s as it needs to look a good fit next to her engagement ring.....

    Engagement rings? That is another story.



  • Fashion Jewellery - Transform your outfit with some jewel sugar

    Season after season of larger than life baubles, fans of fashion jewellery are downsizing for the winter for all things pretty; we are talking rose tinted watches, layers of silver rings and dangling sparkly pendants. These may be small in size but they are designed to make a huge impact on the world of fashion.

    Over recent weeks the clocks have gone back and the evenings are miserable and dark; we often find ourselves facing our winter wardrobes with equal darkness. It is time to bring out those dark chunky knits it is the season to be jolly and sparkly jewellery could just be the answer we have been waiting for to brighten up the winter months.

    Why do we love jewellery?

    1. It is a very quick way of fixing yourself – In other words it can turn a plain jane dress into something special

    2. Good jewellery is an investment – it is trendy, looks good and will last you a lifetime. A necklace can take you through season after season

    3. A timeless design (simple and classic) will go with the majority of outfits

    4. A lot of fashion jewellery is inspired by the fashion houses

    5. It is fun

    6. It is inspirational

    Whilst you get your head around your party invites that calls for subtle glitz and oversized feather we take you back to basics and show you why we wear jewellery.

    Can we take about Jewellery:

    The Basics

    The majority of us wear jewellery without a second thought; but have you wondered how we got into this habit? It seems that jewellery has been around for over seventy five thousand years. The earliest pieces were not made from gold or silver but materials such as leather and hide decorated with animal teeth, berries and pebbles. A far cry from platinum and gold hues.

    If we take things further afield and consider that as a human once our basic needs are met we seek “higher needs”. These “higher needs” take shape once we have ensured we are safe, fed and watered. In accordance with the Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs our “social needs” are at the top of the pyramid. In other words as a human we work from the bottom up once each criteria has been met.

    Our “social needs” covers the relationships with other humans we crave. We want to look and feel good. Power is a natural inbuilt display to make ourselves feel good. As humans in order to attract attention from others around us we do everything in our power to do this.

    Hopefully this short history lesson has shown the importance of fashion jewellery.

    Jewellery is a big part of our culture and the trend of wanting to feel and look good will continue for many more years to come.

    Bring your outfit alive this winter and cover it in your favourite pieces.

    Remember no outfit is complete without the addition of some jewel sugar; taking you from day to night.

  • Smart Watches - The Future of the Wrist Watch

    To hear the word watch in the singular context will soon be a thing of the past as we begin to embrace the future of watch technology with smart watches.  As we begin to think about turning the page of 2015 and welcoming a new year the future of watches looking very exciting.

    As we take a look back at 2015 it is clear that some announcements have already been made but there are many more in 2016.

    Smart watches in 2015

    Apple finally took the plunge into the smart watch market, LG dived straight in and hit us with yet another fantastic smart watch option and Pebble hit us with not one watch but three.  So you may be asking, what have we got to look forward to in 2016?  There are lots of great devices ready to hit the market as we take a look at some of these in more detail below.

    It is clear that 2015 was full of intelligence wrist attire and there are high chances that 2016 will follow this trend.

    Motorola Moto 360 Sport

    The latest Motorola watch was announced at IFA 2015.  This sports version was released in September 2015 and is built for speed.  It has GPS built into it and the ability to track your distance, speed, pace and heart rate with thanks to the built in heart rate monitor.

    Available to purchase from December 2015.

    Movado Bold Motion

    Movado have partnered with HP to bring to the market their first ever smart watch.  Movado bring to the table a fresh fashionable design whereas HP's expertise lies with the technology.

    If you were to take a look inside this watch it would be jam packed full of its own software to allow users to make calls, get social media updated, make appointments and so much more.

    Hopefully this will be available before Christmas.


    Nearing the end of its Kickstarter campaign this device is expected to be released onto the market in the early part of 2016.  Working with Compal this modular watch is designed for style and functionality.  Underneath the design it has voice controls, Wi-fi capabilities and motion sensors.

    The plans are this watch will be available to purchase from May 2016.  Watch this space.

    Apple Watch No 2

    The first Apple watch was released in April 2015 following on from its announcement in September 2014.  There are already rumours that the second generation will be released June 2016.  For all those Apple fans this is exciting news.  It is expected to have the same design as generation one but new features include a front facing camera and improvements in its wireless capabilities.

    The future of watches is getting very exciting and showing no signs of slowing down.  If anything the technology on our wrists will be the future.  Other releases expected in 2016 include the LG Urbane 2 watch, the Sony Wena and Breitling B55 Connected.


  • Smart watches vs traditional watches

    Smart Watches vs Traditional Watches - Take a look in your local jewelers including that are online, you are very likely to see watches predominantly displayed. Step past the luxury watches and spot the fashionable watches with interchangeable straps and watches which double as a bracelet.

    The watch industry has done a fantastic job of keeping us abreast of the time.

    There will always be a market for the watch but the way we get access to the time is rapidly changing and smart phones are the main culprit for this shift in focus.
    Regardless of the fact that almost every one of us carry a device with us there are plenty of reports to suggest that watch sales remain strong. But there is one competitor on the market that is having a profound effect on the sales of watches in the UK and the rest of the world and that is the introduction of the Apple watch.

    What does the future hold for traditional watches?

    Regardless of the threats in the market there will always be a place for the traditional watch. They still remain one of the most popular gifts and status symbols on the market. It is a timeless gift that symbolizes that important moment in your life such as your graduation, your wedding or a birthday. These timepieces can be handed down the family, generation to generation. A smart watch although very nice to look at simply date too quickly and are not an item to be passed down to family members.

    Another statistic to throw into the mix is that buyers of Apple watches are not watcher wearers. If they had not of bought an Apple watch, then it is highly unlikely they would have purchased a traditional wrist watch. The point to be made is Apple are not taking customers.

    Apple are not the only company to have bought a smart watch to market. The introduction of the smartwatch is appealing to a new set of customers. There are smartwatches on the market that double as fitness watches, GPS activity trackers and heart rate monitors. Plus, they cater for all budget levels.

    what does the future hold for traditional wrist watches?

    High street and online jewellery retailers still continue to have a solid customer base. There is no denying that lots of people are not buying a watch to tell them the time; they are buying a watch because it makes them feel good and is full of brand appeal.

    It is an essential item we have been bought up to appreciate.

    Admittedly in the short term the introduction of smartphones does provide a challenge but at the end of the day consumers want to wear something that looks good and goes with everything. Smartphones simply don’t offer this luxury.
    Wrist watch or smart watch – which do you prefer?

  • Review for Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 3G

    Did you know that the “two week rule applies to any wearable device? In other words it takes up to two weeks to decide whether you like it or not. The same rules apply to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 3G. Is it a purchase well spent? Is it another gimmicky gadget that won’t last past the New Year? Or is it a watch that will simply get returned back to the box on first inspection?

    We take a look at this smart watch in detail and highlight our initial thoughts on the latest smartwatch delivered by Samsung.

    To many the wrist watch is a generation defining thing. To those of us in our mid-forties the wrist watch is a piece of their attire, an item that is worn on a daily basis with little thought other than it tells the time. Recent generations want a watch that does so much more. They don’t want a Roamer or a Gc they want a watch that catches their interest.

    Let’s get back to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It’s large and easy to read interface is perfect for telling the time accurately. It has an alarm built in and is extremely light.

    For those that are already huge fans of Samsung the biggest attraction for the latest device is its ability to pair easily with a Samsung mobile. If you forget your mobile device one day, you need not panic as you will still be able to make calls and text with your watch.

    It is worth bearing in mind that the Gear S2 3G is not quite the same as the basic Gear. This watch has its own GPS and its own mobile connectivity which as previously mentioned means that watch can be used to cover a range of features that you would use your mobile device for.

    Other features include a working microphone, speakerphone capabilities and voice recognition.

    This is definitely a watch you will want to keep after two weeks. Firstly it is a very nice watch to look at. If we were to change one aspect it would be the strap. It has a 20mm band. Hopefully in the near future replacement bands will be made available.

    The ability to change the interface has to be a winner too. There are a range of designs to choose from as well as the option to purchase additional designs. They are mostly clean, attractive and easy to read screen.

    Another unique selling point is the fantastic way it deals with emails when you are not at the office. Previously you would have to get your phone out even in the middle of the night to answer an email this is not the case with this great watch.
    This is a fantastic smartwatch and one of the best currently on the market. The smart watch industry is currently booming and we look forward to other

  • The new wrist-watch to track your child’s movements

    A wrist-watch that has the ability to track a child’s movements has been released onto the market and is set to be a sell out this Christmas.

    Have you heard of Moochies for Kids?  It is a device which has a SOS button.  But there are lots of parents who are not happy with the release of this device simply saying that children under the age of ten do not need a watch they need to be supervised.

    Launched in September 2015 this clever device allows the child in question to talk into the watch similar to a secret agent.  They can even press the unique SOS button if they need assistance from their parents.  This device available for £79 will alert the parents of the child if they walk away from an agreed zone of play.

    The purpose of this wristwatch is to put the safety of children first and hopefully give piece of mind to parents.

    But there are plenty of people ready to argue on the purpose of this device and state it is not suitable for children under ten.  Are we in danger of putting our children in danger because they are not independent enough to use the device?

    The SOS button is a good concept to have on a safety watch for children but there are worries that it is not teaching to problem solve especially if their parents are only a button away.  Safety aside some children will have a desire to always be in close contact with their parents and not leaning to think for themselves.  It creates an illusion there will always be someone available at a push of a small button.

    Many agree that it is important to have a device for safety but a smartphone may not be the answer and the ideal Christmas present for children.

    Features of the Moochies wristwatch:

    • GPS enabled
    • SOS button
    • Access to free app
    • Track child’s movements
    • Alert sent to parents if child goes outside of set radius

    It is worth noting that the SOS button can be used if the child is lost, being bullied or in destress.  A simple press of the SOS button will send a brief alarm to the parent’s smartphone.  It will also capture a fifteen second clip of the sounds that are surrounding the child.  This can include evidence of any threats.

    This device was not quick to be released on to the market.  It has taken over a year for Ryan O’Neill and Adrian Lisle to develop.  Their idea behind the invention was to allow children to have fun without being restricted.

    In the modern day world we live in we hear of worrying news which many parents can relate to.  This innovative solution that is a fashionable watch for children to enjoy can be the perfect answer for both parents and children.  It is built to ease children into independence with a safety net attached.



  • What does your watch say about you?

    You can tell a lot by a person simply by looking at their hands but did you know you can gain an insight into an individual even more by looking at the watch they are wearing on their wrist?  Ask any well respected person and they will argue that in the fast modern world we live in time has become a luxury. 

    In the modern age of today where clocks are everywhere – on our computers, tablets, phones and activity trackers the wrist watch has become more of a symbol of style and status than an object used to access the time.

    Men and their watches

    There is no denying when shopping for a watch there is plenty of choice on the market.  We take a look at what your watch says about you.  Are you the wild child, the collector, the gem seeker or the storyteller?


    You are someone who carries out a significant amount of research when making a purchase.  You are a modern individual who is looking to impress.  You are someone who likes to buy iconic brands because they signal wealth and respect.  You like to be admired by others.


    You have a very strong personality and your style reflect this.  You avoid wearing brands that you do not recognize and you rejoice in the opportunity to wear a piece of jewellery including your watch that is shaped to impress.  You feel empowered by your watch.  This is not just an item that tells you the time but it is an item that is worn to look and feel good.


    You are someone who likes to spend a lot of money on their watch but also someone who cares about the value of the item.  Your watch could be ten years old but still look the same as the day you bought it.  You jump at the chance of going to auction.  If the truth was to be told you would quite happily spend your life savings on a vintage Rolex.


    As an individual that is very successful in life and not afraid to showcase your success to the world you will go the extra mile to find something you want.  If you are looking for a limited edition watch with a diamond bezel of a fifty year old watch you ensure you are top of the guest lists and VIP lists for watch manufacturers.


    The fashionista chooses a watch not because of its capabilities but because of its appearance.  The fashionista wants a watch that is different but will blend in perfectly with their overall style.  It is not uncommon for this individual to have a huge range of watches to suit their appearance.  Their watch is one that will stand out from the crowd.  In other words a “page turner”.

    Which type of person are you?



  • World’s most expensive watch – is it worth it?

    Unveiled in 2013, this expensive watch is now two years old, but is yet to be beaten off by any sort of competition.

    Appearance wise, it looks gorgeous. However, with a 50mm diameter and over 20mm thick rose gold case, it’s nearly unwearable in size.

    The hands are elegant and seem to fit the dials with absolute perfection. The strap in its dark leather emits vibes of a classic, but also maintains a confident feel.

    It features multiple calendars, including days of the week, a leap year indicator and a lunar calendar. Wow. One might think than having four years on one dial is too much, but because of its remarkable size the months are still very much clear.

    It also includes a Grande and Petite Sonnerie, alerting you with a beautiful chime the hour or quarter hour, dependent on your choice.

    The strap feels like velvet against your wrist, and despite the watches size it feels relatively comfortable. It feels like something, however, that would remain in a case, rather than on my wrist. It is something to be observed and enjoyed from afar. This also prevents the risk of losing something of such value, and of which only six have ever been released.

    On the reverse, you can see the beautiful, encrusted mechanisms, and it really makes the watch feel like something special. The black and red colors are inky and delightful, and give the watch a traditional yet still revolutionary feel.

    As someone who loves watches, it is difficult not to be excited by the A. Lange & Söhne Grand Complication. It is one of today's greatest manufactures flexing its muscles in a way that is clearly more than just an effort to show off.

    The watch also sets a precedent for watchmakers to come. And in my opinion, if I had the 1.92 million Euros to spend on something complex and brilliant, I would choose this expensive watch. For all of us normal people, however, I feel that this watch will never really be an achievable goal. But at least we get to look at pictures of it.


  • Digital vs Analogue Watches – which is better?

    Digital vs Analogue Watches - if you’re struggling to make this decision, I’m going to lay out the main benefits of both digital and analogue watches so you can decide.


    Most people agree that analogues look quite a bit better than their digital counterparts. This is highlighted by the fact that the most expensive watches tend to be analogue. There’s something gaudy about a digital interface, and I don’t think it can ever be made to look as beautiful as your classic Rotary, for example.

    Analogue watches also allow you to get a ‘sense’ of the time, rather than having to work out exact figures. By looking at an analogue, you know it’s about quarter to the hour, not 13 minutes to. I feel that this makes using an analogue watch a more pleasant experience overall.

    With an analogue you also have a second hand, which is always useful. It makes timing something that’s less than minute much easier, or to time an exact minute if it isn’t the start of an actual minute. The benefits of a second hand can’t really be ignored.

    I don’t know about you, but I also find it rather calming to watch the hands slowly move around the clock face. This is something that just can’t be replicated in a digital watch.


    Digital watches are without doubt more accurate and precise, which is useful if you’re working in the kind of profession which requires that accuracy. They’re also easier to set the time more precisely on, as you don’t have to try and estimate where the minute is.

    Digital watches also let you know whether it’s morning or night, as they often operate as a 24 hour clock, although it would probably be quite a rare occurrence when you didn’t know whether it was day or night.

    Digital watches also provide a myriad of alternate functions, such as alarms or data storage. These can be essential to some people, and if you want to plan your life using you watch, digital is definitely the way to go.


    At the end of the day, the decision is up to you. I would suggest that if you want something that looks and feels good, you go for an analogue. However, if you want a watch that offers endless practicality and various functions, opt for the digital.


  • Smart Watches - Apple vs Android?

    Smart Watches - There are many types of watches out there, however Android and Apple are the most popular ones


    This watch is already out there, and seems to be doing well as product. Its interface is good, and is similar to the Android interface we all know and love. It includes swiping, and is very reliant on voice activation (yes, you really do have to talk to your wrist). However, it still needs a few improvements, such as the addition of pinching, to truly give it that Android ‘feel’.

    One problem with the Android is that it’s a bit dependent on your phone, and so can at times feel like an additional accessory rather than a piece of tech by its own right. However, we are seeing a move towards it being more independent, including its own offline music collection and GPS connectivity, as this new technology begins to develop over time.

    We do see this reliance again in the store. The store is excellent in terms of app content, but is only accessible through a pre-downloaded app on your phone.

    The Google Fit platform is also good, including pedometers and heart rate sensors in some of the better models.

    Unfortunately, the battery is similar to most smartphones, and at most will last you a day and half. This means it requires charging every night, which can be a pain.


    There is much hype about the Apple Watch, and having a look at the watch itself there’s no surprise. It has the potential to be the best watch on the market, but that all depends on whether it can meet its promises.

    The interface looks good, and all the apps on the home screen, so you don’t have to search through your watch like you do on Android. However, I am unsure as to how this will work when you have hundreds of apps.

    Apple also concentrates less on voice control and more on the touch features provided. It included a physical scroll wheel on the side of the watch which allows you to zoom in and out and wander about the interface.

    It also utilize  vibrations to alert you to notifications, and perhaps even give you things like directions, although it is questionable how this will work in practice. The watch also works well with other apple products, and has NFC capacities, meaning that when more apps are developed it will have multiple uses.

    Although no dedicated app store has been mentioned, an app development program has been announced, which allows for lots of potential updates in the future.

    In terms of fitness, Apple goes far beyond what’s required, with multiple fitness tracking facilities and calorie counters to track your fitness in everyday life.

    It does, however, have a similar battery life to the Android Wear, meaning that an every night charge is once again required.

    Overall, I think that the Apple looks better as a product, but we’ll see what it’s actually like when released.


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