Watch Size Guide

The Watch Superstore posted this on 31 Jul 2015


Watch Size Guide

Our handy measuring guide can be saved and printed for your convenience: Watches-Size-Guide.pdf

Make sure this sizing guide prints properly by ensuring your print setup is set to 100% normal size. Once printed, check the measurement image against an actual ruler.

Measuring your Wrist Size

Once you’ve printed the image, simply cut out the ruler diagram and wrap it around your wrist. Mark the point where the start of the ruler meets the ruler again and read the measurement - it’s as simple as that! You can adjust the paper measuring guide until you’re comfortable with the size. This measurement can then be noted and used to select the correct size of watch strap.

Bracelet Sizing Policy

  1. We offer a re-sizing at no additional cost but we don’t guarantee the fit.

  2. Any links that are removed during the re-size will be sent to you in the delivery.

  3. Watches that we resize will not affect the returns policy.

  4. If there are any sizing errors with your watch, whilst we sympathise, it’s not something we offer refunds or compensation for.

  5. We offer sizing at no additional cost so at peak times, we can not always offer this service.

  6. Please be aware that sizing can sometimes delay shipping by 1 working day.

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